Exhibition - PASSERBY
For years now, Ive  been carrying my art around with me from one gallery to the next, like
a cat carrying her kittens. And each time , I suffer from the fear of alienating one group or
This anxiousness lead me to start a project where the audience and the subject
Unite (Photosophy), all the while remaining faithful to camera and the traditional  
Photographic techniques that I have been so very devoted to throughout my years
Working as a photographer.
My latest artistic prowls took place all the way across the world in Harlem ,New York.
There, I sought out people who weren’t familiar with or couldn’t find their way to galleries.
Or, maybe, the entrance to the galleries wasn’t as wide as they would have liked them to be.
It is for these reasons that I decided to bring the artwork to the people—to engage them
In a discussion about how they felt and what they saw the moment the artwork was
presented to them. This is how Passerby was born.
Passerby is a documentation of this precious moment, the moment when art is removed
From the confines of traditional art spaces and becomes one with the people.
                                                                 Kimia Rahgozar
                                                                August 2013
Copyright © 2009 Kimia Rahgozar. All rights reserved.