Exhibition - PEOPLE
2004, 7Samar Art Gallery, Tehran, IRAN

From My Father: 
Although in the stage of self- consciousness, ordinary people consider themselves to be the centre of universe and the sole focus of its creator, they do not count as anything more than "a man" a "woman" "a child", " work force", " a consumer", "a labourer", "a butcher" or a grocer", "a doctor", "a judge", a"professor", "unemployed or idle" and no one refers to them by their real names. It is only when there is a catastrophe like an earthquake or war or an accident, when they begin to matter.
They do not cause a ripple in the pool of life. Similarly, in death, they only remain in the thoughts of their loved ones for not more than two generations as" a youth with an aborted life", "a considerate mother or father", "a beloved brother or sister" and "a kind and solemn grand father". It is not important at all who or where they were or whether their existence was a reality or an illusion, They could even be from another world or belong to a different time.
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